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Unboxing my Metal Prints & tour of my photography shop

Posted on by Luke Zeme

To celebrate the addition of Metal Prints to my Online Photography shop I had a little fun when making this unboxing video of one of my Limited Edition Photography prints. This particular print was a 24×36″ 610 x 914 mm and is of archival quality where inks are infused into the specially coated aluminium metal sheet.

There is also a little tour of my photography shop and how to purchase metal prints.

You will be amazed at these prints when you unwrap them just as I was, you have to see it to believe it  :-) Some of the stand-out features of them include

Some info on my works of art

I see my images as artworks as I have not only studied photography at art school but also drawing, painting, design, audio art and sculpture to name a few ! So, I don’t place as many rules on my art as many traditional style photographers. If I want to edit the work using bright and exciting colours,  I do! If I want to adjust the contrast, clarity or sharpness, I do!

An artwork is about expressing ideas and that’s what I hope my work does stemming from the locations and environments I explore…

I only have one rule… “I never add objects to my images…” everything you see compositionally was there right in front of my camera

The unboxing video ! & tour of my Photography Shop (Link to Photography shop)

This is an unboxing video of a Metal Print from my photography shop. http://www.lukezeme.smugmug.com. I also go through the packing and hang the work in my home. Personally I enjoyed adding 8-bit music and speeding up the unboxing to 4X speed haha :-)

My print shop is a professional Lab located in California and ships globally. All prints come in a secure cardboard box and sealed inside a plastic bag. This is the case whether you ordered a paper, canvas or metal print and no matter whether you ordered a small or large print.

If you are looking for an artwork which has that WOW factor, then these are the ones for you. They become something you can’t help looking at every time you enter the room and find yourself wanting to approach them to appreciate the scene. It will impress your visitors or colleagues at work.


I hope this sheds some light on my work and me and the quality of art that I try to produce.


Thanks everyone, Luke

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