We made the trek over the long weekend up to Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains and we weren’t disappointed. Mount Wilson is a very small community that consists of exotic gardens, rainforest, bushland and historic houses. The crowds flock here every year to witness the stunning reds and yellow leaves that come with the changing of the seasons. We came up on ANZAC day on a whim along with half of Sydney I think, haha. The crawl up the mountain in traffic was very slow, but once we were able to stretch our legs and explore the area the long drive was soon forgotten. There is much to be excited about up here as a photographer and I feel like a barely touched the surface with the amount of photographs I took. Being the long weekend Monday I was probably in Mount Wilson on the busiest day of the year so it was often difficult to get a composition without people in it. There were families and groups everywhere having picnics, BBQ’s, playing games and generally enjoying the fresh outdoors. Theres many spots up here I didn’t get to see, so I’d go back in a heart beat given the opportunity.

We randomly selected the Bebeah gardens, est. 1880. Which has 12 acres of gardens to explore and apparently we chose the best one in the area after chatting to friends later that day 🙂

I patiently set up on the soft grass at this amazing location under a giant red leaved tree and waited for just the right moment. The image has turned out eye popping and it is a great representation of what it’s like to roam amongst the gardens here during Autumn having every colour of the rainbow to enjoy. I love the way the sun is poking through the warm leaves and literally create a light source for the play of shapes within the frame. A soft carpet of moss and small plants covers the tree and golden light is warming them in the afternoon. The image has the feel that it could be the scene in any fantasy film filled with elves, fairies and gnomes.

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