Lightroom Preset Pack- Premium


An amazing Lightroom Preset Pack to give your images that WOW factor including my 50 best presets from packs including- Featuring:

  • 10 HDR
  • 10 Dramatic Landscapes
  • 10 Gradient Landscapes
  • 10 Nostalgic
  • + 10 Bonus presets 

Included is a 9-page PDF document installation and how to guide.

Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC as well as Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop CC and Elements.



I’m excited to share my Best of the Best Premium Lightroom Preset Pack, highlighting HDR presets. The presets I’ve chosen to be in this in pack are my absolute favourites and I know that they cover all kinds of scenarios. Each preset has been specifically crafted to a highlight an idea or effect. Lightroom can be a totally fun and creative workspace and I like to think that these presets will ignite the creative spark in you too.

Before and After Examples

HDR Preset Examples

[uba]bullet-train-japan-kyoto-before-hdr-lightroom-preset-premium-pack-luke-zeme-photographybullet-train-japan-kyoto-after-hdr-lightroom-preset-premium-pack-luke-zeme-photography [/uba]

[uba] surfers-paradise-gold-coast-australia-hdr-photography-lightroom-landscape-premium-pack-luke-zeme-photography-before-preset[/uba]

Dramatic Landscape Preset Examples

[uba]bullet-train-japan-kyoto-before-hdr-lightroom-preset-premium-pack-luke-zeme-photographybyron-bay-lighthouse-after-luke-zeme-premium-lightroom-preset-landscape-hdr-gradients-nostalgic-pack-ocean-sunrise-preset-lukezemepresets [/uba]

[uba]sydney-harbour-long-exposure-dramtaic-landscape-preset-hdr-pack-luke-zeme-photography-before-presetsydney-harbour-long-exposure-dramtaic-landscape-preset-hdr-pack-luke-zeme-photography-after-preset [/uba]

Bonus Tutorial- Install My Lightroom Presets On Your Mobile Device 

Short Video- See All 50 Presets 

More Before & After Examples!



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