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Red Boulder Ocean Sunset- Tasmania Australia

Posted on by Luke Zeme

Nestled on the east coast of Tasmania is an area called the Freycinet National Park. There are some amazing Natural Land formations and some of them can only be accessed by hiking in or by sea, notably “the remarkables

These out of this world orange boulders litter the coast line and look amazing at sunset. I had to really struggle to capture this image because the winds from a storm were coming in from the snowy mountains just 20km or so inland, near Lake Leake. It was a case of trying to not only keep myself from being blown over but also my camera. To overcome the winds I had to make sure I shot these images on a really fast shutter speed so I set aperture as far open as I could on my Nikkor 14-24mm to f2.8.

Pictured here is Coles Bay, an amazing part of Australia where many people holiday, and other famous Landmarks in the area include the “bay of fires” and “Wineglass Bay“.

I had planned to head to the bay of fires, about 40km’s north, as well but the incoming snow storm was potentially going to block me off from Launceston, so I had to high tail it through the mountains. I literally drove into the storm and met some fairly heavy snow covered roads in the mountains, which was a scary experience as I dont have a lot of experience driving on snowy roads being from Australia and all. When I reached the other side of the mountain range the police had already blocked off the roads on that side so that no other drivers could pass through till the storm died down.

Red Boulder Ocean sunset

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