10 best images of 2015

With 2015 drawing to a close it’s a great time to reflect on the last 12 months and the journey my photography has taken me on. I scoured through my images to select my 10 favourites and share them with you in this blog post. Most important to my image making was the use of neutral density filters in my work to produce long exposures, sometimes nearing 5 minutes of exposure time in a single frame. Combining the 10 stop and 6 stop ND filters with a 14-24mm wide angle lens has produced some beautiful results that I am really proud of. I have also kept up my education in the field of HDR photography which has seen the release of the brand new app for mac users Aurora HDR PRO. In terms of other filter software on1 released photo 10, which has given us the ability to go through and edit our photo catalogs on our smartphones and tablets. Not to mention Effects 10 and Enhance 10

I also had my first solo show this year which was a great experience and was very happy with the turn out at the opening. The experience was great in the fact that I trialled a lot of printers in finding the highest quality I could for images. I wanted the prints to be sharp and vivid as I feel this best represents my work. I was able to create a range of framed and mounted giclee prints from 8×10″ all the way up to A1. Hoping in the new year to take my work to the local markets and sell them on the weekends.

So, without further ado these are my 10 favourite images of 2015. Btw they aren’t in any particular order from 1 to 10.

Image #1- Staircase to Heaven

This staircase in the rocks on Tamarama Beach, just south of Bondi, is so awesome. Surfers run out along the rock platform with their boards and dive into the waves from here. I was lucky enough to watch this sensational sunset when sculptures by the sea 2015 was on.


Image #2- Cathedral Rocks, Islands of Hope

These natural formations, cathedral rocks, are about 90 minutes south of Sydney in Kiama. When you walk along the beach you don’t have a view of them until you climb out along the rock platforms and traverse around the headland. But! when you come out it’s an absolutely stunning site! I edited this in black and white because the contrast of the land and sea was so dramatic in this long exposure.


Image #3- Lucid Sydney

This long exposure was taken from the botanical gardens in Sydney, which are a magical place to explore. Captured the silhouette of the Sydney city skyline in contrast with this moody sunset. The reflection of the skyline only highlights its intriguing architecture.


image #4- Above the Opera House

I was stoked to get this long exposure sunset with both the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in frame. To get this shot I had to climb up on to a ledge and set up my camera quite high to get a view over the fence. Through long exposure techniques I was able to make it like the people were absent in the scene, something which only draws the viewers attention to these iconic structures.


Image #5- Blood Moon Opera house

The Blood moon is such a rare event that I knew I had to be somewhere special with my camera when it rose. The colour of it on the horizon was a deep red/orange and it looked giant! As it rose it changed to this more orange/yellow colour. The shine came out of the glass effect on my sony lens!


Image #6- Girl at Luna Park

I put this image into my top 10 because I just love the look of this single figure in the frame. It makes us reflect on our own childhood and our experience.


Image #7- Sydney Harbour Bridge Sunset

Another iconic vantage point is Milson’s Point on the northern side of Sydney Harbour. I stayed after sunset in blue hour to get these beautiful colours in the city and reflections on the ocean surface. I love this vantage point because the eye is lead to the bridge and then back to the city along the bridge, the leading lines work great in the path too.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sunset, Web Prepared

Image #8- Looking Down Paradise

This location is from Q1 skydeck, which is the highest building in Australia. I was able to get some amazing city shots at night looking up and down the gold coast skyline. Timing is everything with these city shots as 10 minutes too early or late will result in grey or black images. If you time it right you can get images like this that are exploding with colour.

Looking Down Paradise, Web Prepared

Image #9- The wooden plank

I included this image in my top 10 of 2015 because I’m fond of the ocean and I love coming back to this image to explore it. It was taken on Sydney’s northern beaches at Narrabeen pools and they have these wooden platforms that line the edge of the pool. The crazy thing about them is they are floating about a foot about the water so it feels a bit like you’re walking on water.


Image #10- Dinosaur Bones

My final image is a long exposure from Sydney’s northern beaches. I added this one because I just love the detail in the foreground and the patterns in the natural formations. Whats interesting to me, as a seascape photographer, is that these formations might be here one week and gone the next. Large storms can often bring in sand to cover up rock formations and all of a sudden it feels like a different beach. That’s one thing I love about the ocean, it is forever changing…

Dinosaur Bones, web

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