Architecture Personal Project #1 – Northern Beaches Hospital

Over the past year my photography business has taken on more clients and this has meant I’ve been able to try new things which is both exhilarating and stressful haha. For example I’ve recently shot luxury homes for builders and contractors as well as new city office space for interior designers. I love photography in all forms and its one of those activities you can do where and whenever you like. I find myself out shooting seascapes/landscapes on the weekends, and at night time I’m soaking in documentaries on architecture and design.

When it comes to my personal work I focus on creating more landscapes for my online print portfolio and shooting great architecture for my architecture portfolio. I like to do projects where I can showcase and develop my skills further. This helps for potential clients to see what I’m capable of and at the same time I can also license the images for media based publications. This will often happen through my flickr account where it’s common for newspapers, magazines and online web companies to contact me directly through there. So even in my personal time I take on projects to help build up my strengths in the photographic industry.

I chose to photograph the Northern Beaches Hospital the first time I drove passed it on my way to Palm Beach around 6 months ago. I felt the best way to showcase the architecture was to do sunset aerial shots from various sides of the building and put in a portfolio quality effort into it. A little research into the architect revealed it was BVN Architecture, which made sense, as they have done some incredible buildings and on grand scales too like sports stadiums, university buildings, libraries and much more. Some of their most extravagant designs include the University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute, the State library of Queensland and the Beijing National Tennis centre. Take a look at the BVN Architecture body of work here, it’s very impressive.

What drew me to the building was the fact that this kind of architecture is not often seen in public buildings like hospitals. You would expect it in Museums and Libraries, but not hospitals. I remember thinking “WHAT IS THAT?!?!” when I saw it haha. The more photographs I take in the construction industry the more I notice the types of materials being used in buildings all around me. I’ll be walking down to the shop to get milk and notice some lovely copper cladding on a home that a year or two ago I would honestly not have even noticed. Coming from art school I have spent a lot of time creating art and have found out that I love architecture, good interior design and the use of materials in construction so it’s been a joy to be able to use my passion of creating to share other peoples projects.

So without further ado I will let you explore the architecture of the recently completed Sydney’s Northern Beaches hospital. Pretty amazing for a hospital right?

All these images were shot using my DJI Mavic 2 drone and I shoot the complete dynamic range of light so that I am able to show the details in the lights and shadows. A technique I have learnt to do called luminosity masking allows me to selectively edit various tones of the images. The best educational material on luminosity masking is done by the guru himself Jimmy Mcintyre, check out Jimmy’s Luminosity Masking Photoshop tutorials here if you want to unlock the power of editing professional photographs yourself. He developed his own photoshop panel called RAYA PRO and is what I use in every photo I edit. I use it in landscapes, architecture, seascapes, cityscapes, aerials… basically everything.

I have more personal projects coming up, one is based on the Frank Gehry building at UTS and the Green Square library, so I look forward to sharing those with soon. This series will continue throughout the year where I hope to put up at least one project per fortnight.

***Any image licensing can be done by using the contact form on this site or just send me an email direct through

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