Are your eyes Calibrated, a FUN colour IQ test

This fun Colour test was posted on The AusPhotography Forums and I had to share it here.

What you have to do is drag and drop colours in a row in order of Hue ! Once you get the hang of what you are doing its pretty cool.

I’ve shared mine attempt in the image below. You will find that when you move a hue to just one spot to the left or right it will make a huge difference, a lot more than you realised because you may have seen the hue in a different manner.

Colour IQ Test LINK

Colour Test

I got a 4 as a result on my laptop, but I bet I could do better on my 100% sRGB monitor ! Can you do better ???

IQ result


What’s interesting to me is the concept that no 2 people see colour the same ! So artist’s and photographer’s go to all the trouble of colour calibrating their monitors and then edit an image but the viewer will see it completely different haha, got to laugh at that really

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