PANO’s on Sony RX 100 II

The Sony RX 100 II has a Pano mode built into the camera and its a nifty little feature. I was out doing some scouting for locations at Watson’s Bay and South Head today for sunset and sunrise shots and decided I would trial the Pano mode whilst out there. It works by turning the camera slowly in a planar fashion. You have to make sure that you turn it at a pace that it is right for the camera and if you did it wrong it lets you know if you went too fast or slow.

RAW Image Size

A RAW file on the Sony RX 100 II is 5472 x 3648 pixels

Pano Image Size

The Pano size comes out as 8192 x 1856 pixels. This comes to a default size of 27.3 x 6.2 inches. In terms of print size you could easily use Perfect Resize from OnOne to double that to a 50inch print fairly confidently.

I took pano’s over the ocean and I expected that there would be stitching issue’s over the choppy surface but it’s sharp all the way through, and I was very impressed with this ūüôā

The Pano’s

For the practical display of them here in this browser they have been reduced to 1600px from 8192pixel width as that is the width of my website browser on, plus you won’t have to load that file size when you open this page. It’s a win win !

Camp Cove

Camp Cove

Hornby Lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse

Watson’s Bay

Watsons Bay

Thanks, Luke

Let me know what you think of the Sony RX 100 II pano mode below. Do you think Pano’s should be left to the PRO’s and their Pano Head tripod systems or do you you like this stunning little feature sony has added to it’s pocket rocket compact cam ?

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