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It’s been a great couple of weeks so far in September for me in Photography and I thought I would share some of the more exciting pieces of news with everyone.

New Australian Print Shop ! We finally have an online Australian print shop for my photography. There were a few reasons for this addition but some of the more important ones were:

  • Price of postage has been greatly reduced for Australians ! 
  • Mobile purchases ! You can now purchase any of my prints on your iOS or Android smartphone here

Zenfolio mobile

  • Supporting local printers means we now are supporting the local art community ! This was something which is actually really important to me, so was happy to bring my art business to home soil.

Click on the image below to be forwarded to my online Australian print shop

Australian Print Shop, 700



Sydney Tourism Shares my work

This week I won the fan photo of the week for the Sydney Tourism Page on Facebook. My photo has 4.8k likes and counting and I was very excited ! The shot was taken from Vaucluse out in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and the harbour provided such a dramatic backdrop for this amazing sunset.

Purchase Prints here 


The World in Photography

Photomatix Pro 5 announced !

HDRsoft, the makers of Photomatix Pro, have announced and released some details on the brand new Photomatix software to be released soon. As most of you know I use Photomatix Pro to make most of my images and its my choice of software when it comes to making HDR photographers.

HDRsoft have stated that anyone with Photomatix 3.2 and up will get this new version of Photomatix for free ! This means if you purchase the current HDR software Photomatix 4.2.6 you will get the update to Photomatix 5 for free when its released. So its a great idea to jump on into HDR photography now and get used to making the images prior to the release of the brand new program !

Why not use the discount offered to readers of ?

 Photomatix Pro – HDRsoft offers my readers 15% off with discount code LukeZemePhotography

There will be a public beta available for Photomatix 5 available very soon !!! so keep an eye out for that, I will announce it as soon as I know.


On1 Photo Suite

We are getting closer to the release of Photo Suiteand OnOne has been running webinars and demos of the software. I have to say I am really impressed with the software as it is much more powerful than I was expecting.


This is the 45 minute webinar introducing Photo Suite 8

Thanks, Luke

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