PHOTO OF THE DAY – Fantastic Sunrise at Bronte Baths


Pictured here is a fantastic warm sunrise over the waters of Bronte Baths (which are seaside swimming pools!). It’s located at the south end of Bronte beach, which is just one beach south of the world famous Bondi in Sydney. I wanted to share this view looking down the rustic stone staircase descending into the salty sea water of the baths. Each seaside pool in Sydney, Australia, has it’s own character and Bronte Baths is probably one of the most interesting. There is a giant natural rocky formation forming one side of the baths whilst the other is a man made barrier between the swimmers and the ocean waves. There’s also a few areas to lay down a towel and sunbake or relax and take in the ocean on one the seats provided. Bronte is the kind of suburb you discover after being a local in Sydney after some time and I love sharing it with everyone. If you visit Sydney and go to Bondi, do yourself a favour and do the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk! It’s so scenic and pretty, you won’t regret it.

From my experience as a photographer these types of images look best when printed large! An acrylic mount would look amazing in any home or office setting as the vibrant colours would brighten up any space.

If anyone is interested in a print of this image I would be happy to discuss options with you to get the right artwork for you personally. Or you can just order off my print store using the red button above and it will come directly to your door.

Camera Gear Used: 

I used the incredible Sony A7r 36MP full frame mirrorless camera to create these images combined with a nikkor 14-24mm lense. I find  shooting at 14mm on a full frame to be the best for Seascape and Landscape images. At this focal length range you can capture the whole scene without there being any distortion, like in a fisheye lense.

Software Used and Editing:

This was a stunning sunrise at Bronte but I was also a little creative with my editing process. Like always I shoot a bracket of images on a tripod so in cases like this I can create a HDR image later on my computer. This allows me to get details in the highlights (like in the sky) and also in the shadows (like in the rocks and dark water in the ocean). If I didn’t use this HDR process there would be big clumps of either white or black areas.

There are tonnes of HDR software programs out there on the market. I compiled them all into a single list over here if you want to take a look > HDR Software Review and Comparisons

Process Continued:

  • In this image though I create a HDR image in Adobe Lightroom using the 3 bracketed images. One exposure was 2.5 seconds, 5.0 secs and 10.0 seconds and I combined them into 1 HDR.
  • Then I picked the frame with the most even amount of light and created some virtual copies of it in Adobe Lightroom
  • Next up I create what I call Pieces by going through my Lightroom Presets and applying my favourites to these virtual copies. I am basically creating variations that I will take some parts from one, some parts from another etc. and combine them in Photoshop. You can create as many as you like! On this occasion I created 2 extra images (Pieces) to go along with the HDR image, making 3 images in total to take into Adobe Photoshop.
  • From Lightroom I select the 3 images and Export > Layer images in Photoshop
  • Here in Photoshop I mask in areas of each image until I combined them into a single image. This can be either a short or long process depending on how creative I want to get and how much coffee I’ve had. I can also use a process called Luminosity masking. The guru of Luminosity masking is Jimmy Mcintyre so it’s best to learn off him and his tutorials here.
  • After that I like to do some final stylisation in On1 Photo, here I can do all sorts of things like add glow, colour correction, sharpen, vignettes, contrast… you name it! all at the click of a button. I can even resize the image to get ready for printing using On1 Photo software.

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