The Ephemeral in Landscape photography

As a Landscape photographer you start to realize how important the weather is to your images. Not just the obvious one like if it is raining, but also things such as cloud formations, whether or not there are any clouds at all and the amount of light. I could go back to the same location 50 times and take a photograph and each edit would consequently produce a completely different atmosphere and this is largely due to the weather.


You hear people say things like “oh you are so lucky to be in that spot” or “wow that place is amazing” but to me it’s not just about that. Yes! that place might be amazing but creating an ‘amazing’ Landscape image is a two pronged approach and they are

  • Firstly being in that amazing place
  • and B the fact that you witnessed some amazing weather
On the other side of the coin you will hear photographers using phrases like “the planets were aligned” and “the elements came together” and this is what they are unconsciously and partly consciously acknowledging that all these tiny things came together to make a GREAT picture. With patience and time you start to recognize these elements when they are happening out in the field and quickly jump into action to capture what I now know to be ephemeral moment’s. It is partly because they are ‘ephemeral’ that people admire them so much and want to get lost in these visions, which have the power for us to instantly forget what it is we were thinking about. Other genre of photographs can do this also but in different ways and they are governed by a whole different set of variables which contribute to such ephemeral qualities and usually involve moving objects, such as vehicles or people. There is also a timelessness surrounding fame and power like images of Marilyn Monroe for example, but this is a whole different kettle of fish which I wont go into.Here below I’ve added a few of my images which I feel are ephemeral and where the “planets aligned”.


Think about what made these images work and why… and if I went back again how the image might have change.
If you want a print of any of the images, just click on the image and it will take you to the link in my photography store.


Thanks Luke

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