BEST Windows HDR Software – Aurora HDR 2018 (VIDEO)

My personal Aurora HDR 2018 rating/review

Aurora HDR comes as close to perfection for a HDR photography editor app as possible. It is by far the easiest to use of all the PRO HDR photo apps offering new users a simple UI design that doesn’t intimidate. Advanced users can then dive much further into the software finding tools like layers, blend modes and luminosity masks. I think the bulk of people who try Aurora HDR 2018 will find they won’t want to use anything else afterwards. 

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VIDEO: Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows & MAC

Introduction to Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows and MAC

Hey Guys! Super excited to announce on my blog the official release of Macphun’s #1 HDR photography app for Windows and MAC. It is the 3rd installment of the HDR photo app for MAC users and it’s called Aurora HDR 2018. It was initially released for MAC back in 2015 and was an instant success and has since gone on to sell 1.7million copies.

So the background info is that Macphun were a MAC photo software only and they had huge success with Aurora on MAC! Like huge! But whilst 50% of comments were praise the other 50% were from Windows users out there who were feeling left out. So, Macphun announced that they would build the software for Windows! It was an announcement that many HDR photographers were very happy to hear. It took them 2 years to release the windows version, which is pretty fast for a company who was only producing MAC software. They would have had to build it from the ground up with an entire different system of code. Personally, I think they’ve done an incredible job.

So, my personally experiences… I’ve been using the new 2018 version of the software for 4 weeks now in a special pre-release copy and I can honestly say the results are much more natural than the 2017 version. I did tests where I would input the same bracket of HDR photos into each of the apps, as well as onto my Windows PC to compare. Some of the updates to the app were a pleasant surprise and it is fast becoming a one stop photo app, even for the PRO’s. Aurora HDR 2018 allows you to create HDR images from a bracket of RAW or JPEG photos, and will even allow you to input a single photo for the tonemapping process. Windows users will be missing just a few of the features that MAC owners will have, but these will be released in an update for them very soon. Plus updates come free and frequently as I have found with the 2017 and PRO versions.

It’s best to just watch my video below to see the software in action and my thoughts on it!

MORE PRO Presets!!! with a discount 😉

If you find that you are wanting even more creative presets from the HDR guru Trey Ratcliff, well he has released a 2nd pack of Aurora HDR presets for your enjoyment here.

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Aurora HDR 2018 Features list


I urge you to give your photography that inspiration it needs and give this software a go 😉

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer from my personal experiences with the app.

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