YouTube’s Top 5 Photo/Video Stars On The Rise

It’s not often that I share other people’s content on my website as I, for the most part, only share my own created content, a fact I’m proud of. But I was having a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home with my wife and was watching photography video’s on Youtube, something I like to do as often as I can, when a video popped up as a “suggested video” in my feed. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the title and description so I clicked away. It instantly drew me in with the music and kept me around with high quality production. It’s 16 minutes long and when I finished I thought “woah I need to share this with my readers right now!”. The best way for me to do that is from the hub of my website as I knew that it was the best way to inspire as many other photographers out there as I could.

The title of the video is “The State of the YouTube Photography Channel Business – Rising Stars, The Old Guard and an Exception” which kind of describes what it’s about… But it really should be called something “The Top Youtube Photo/Video Content Creators in 2017”! The video itself was created by Darren Miles and I want to give credit to him and a link to his channel which you can find here (Darren Miles Youtube). This video looks at 3 categories of photographers on Youtube;

  • New Rising Photo/Video Youtube Stars On the Rise
  • The Old Guard of Photo/Cinematographer’s That Have Managed to Stay On Top
  • Exceptions to the Rules that Somehow Work

Who is this video going to inspire? It should get photographers out pushing the boundaries, production teams wanting to step up their game and of course designers stepping outside the box to create amazing content. Most of the people in this video are talented enough to have a mix of all 3 of these individually. People are always trying to improve their own craft by keep up with the latest developments. In the modern era a photographer needs to be a jack of all trade, so to speak, and these people seem to be the ones doing it the best on Youtube right now. Research is such an integral part of the modern photographer and their business’s, so hopefully this will help you to get motivated and get to work!

After the Video you can see a list of the photographers in the video along with links to their Youtube channels.

So I suggest you jump on these channels, hit the subscribe button, and just pull up a chair and enjoy their videos.

New Photo/Video Stars on the Rise Listed in the Video

Old Youtube Photography/Cinematography Guard

An Exception…

Dave Dugdale – Link to Dave’s Youtube

Phillip Bloom – Link to Phillip’s Youtube

Theoria Apophasis (The Angry Photographer) – Link to Theoria’s Youtube 

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