New Photos- Twelve Apostles & The Seacliff Bridge

This weekend I’ve been on YouTube binge watching some of my favourite photography and videography content creators. I think in the next few weeks Im going to make a list for you guys of some of the channels I personally find inspirational for photographers. I’ve been steering clear of the channels that blew up in popularity lately and instead watching good wholesome characters with smaller amounts of followers. Why? well I enjoy their substance even though they might not have all the glitter. Don’t get me wrong I love special effects, great transitions, creative overlays and all that jazz. But at the end of the day landscape photography is about being out in nature and searching for compositions. And to me the best channels take you on this adventure with them in the hunt for a photograph.

These 2 photographs I’ve edit this weekend are about the hunt for light. Both occasions I arrived well before sunrise and sunset to the locations in anticipation for a firey sky and both times this didn’t happen. But what I’ve found is that light has a funny way of making other magic happen, things you weren’t expecting. Like the shot at the Twelve Apostles was one of the first shots I got when I arrived there. I stayed 3-4 days around the great ocean road hunting that magical light, those sunsets when you feel like you’re looking into heaven, and it ended up being this shot which I loved the most. It had to do with how the light from the sun just started poking under the clouds enough to light up the scene. It created this kind of dome of light and I basically knew what I was seeing was incredible and shot it handheld without setting up my tripod because I might miss it.

The second photo is from a very scenic bridge, the seacliff bridge, which goes high above the ocean. My friend and I hiked up on to the escarpment before dawn so that when the sun rose we would be ready and waiting. It was a steep difficult climb up through the bush and we fell more than once haha. But again this is the very first capture I got when I set up my camera. I was able to get the car trails using long exposure photography, and was only able to do this because it was still pretty dark. It’s another situation where the light is something I was expecting and happened when I was waiting to photograph something else, the sunrise.

I think these images both turned out great and they remind me to be happy in life with what we have and to always be ready for what mother nature has planned.

“Magical Light at The Twelve Apostles”, Victoria, Australia.


“Seacliff Bridge at Dawn”, New South Wales, Australia.


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