PHOTO OF THE DAY- A Landscape to admire

Australia is known for many things but one is our beaches and coastline. I’ve lived near many of them and some of my favourites were Wollongong beach, Saint Kilda, Broad beach and a really secluded one called at Flying Fish Point. I love coastal life from the smell of the salty air to enjoying the water doing activities like fishing, BBQ’s, body boarding, snorkelling, frisbee and sun baking.

What I love about this capture apart from the colour is the fact that I got a nice tube on the wave and other people who enjoy the surf would understand. Being inside a barrel, the green room, is the be all of surfing and you can’t describe it in words and it’s why surfer’s keep on chasing waves. Inside it’s like slow motion where you have this huge amount water of displacing air and it that effect sounds amazing. You have to learn to respect the ocean too because the reality is it can take your life and the minute you take it for granted it will remind you of it’s power.

I don’t think I would ride this wave in particular as the amount rocks hidden under the surface here but I there heaps of great waves to ride within a short bike ride up and down the coast here.

I titled this scene the “Silent Planet” because I’m reminded of getting a barrel and the great times I’ve had being near the Aussie coast. The feature of the image of the image is the waves but there are so many other interesting things to look at like the trees in the foreground, the rocks, the sunrise, the clouds and crisp surface of the water.

Thanks everyone I love this image and I hope you do to !

Image Location:

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Software used & Editing Info for Photographers

Hey guys and girls, this is a HDR image using Photomatix Pro but was combined with a few variations of the image I made using a preset from Stuckincustoms in Adobe Lightroom. I also used parts 3 or 4 Filters from OnOne Photo Effects 4 from Photosuite 7 and Imagenomics Noiseware 5. If you want a link to any of the software I used they are below and there are some discounts you can use to for coming to my blog.

Photomatix PRO – Is a MAC and PC HDR software for creating stunning HDR images. They have a free trial, but if you end up buying a copy of Photomatix you can get a 15% Discount with the coupon code LukeZemePhotography

– On1 Perfect Effects – An amazing Filter program to stylise your images. Comes as a standalone filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture.

– Lightroom 4 & 5 Presets A set of awesome Adobe Lightroom presets from Trey Ratcliff

Here is a screen shot taken during the editing process showing me using Noiseware 5, you can see how powerful the software is. There are many different presets to use for the various situations you will face where noise happens in your digital images. I make sure I duplicate the Layer first and then just mask in parts of this noise reduction layer as I like to keep texture and detail from Filters I used in On1 Perfect Effects, like Amazing Detail and Magic Ocean.


Cheers, Luke Zeme

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