PHOTO OF THE DAY- Boats of Bondi Beach Sunset

Getting to Bondi from Sydney isn’t all bells and whistles if you are getting the train as it promptly ends short of Bondi. Once you reach the last stop you have to go up topside to the terminal and finish your route by getting one of the buses and there are plenty of bus platforms so you wander around looking for the right one. If you are lucky enough to have someone nice enough to be your guide then you are in luck ! 🙂 I did not haha. I do enjoy travelling on the Bondi Bus though as there is that sense of excitement being at the most famous city beach in the world. I also like to people watch sometimes on my travels and you get some strange types on this particular bus route. There is this satire comedy duo called the Bondi Hipsters who play a couple of out of work bums who’ve opitimized the Bondi Beach culture, very funny stuff !

I arrived at Bondi and it was HOT ! like you are in a suana hot where it’s a mix between dry and moist. I had stupidly warn my cargo shorts which aren’t great for swimming so I went explored the rock pools with my socks and shoes off looking at sea shells and all the tiny little worlds in the pools, they are always so fascinating to me. I remember doing this all the time with my auntie Anne who lived right on the beach at Austinmere. She wasn’t actually my auntie but my family seemed to call anyone an uncle or auntie who was close to us 🙂

Just near where I shot this image of the boats there was an a small apartment building right on the edge of the rock pool with no fence. There was a group of lads there and they had dragged their couch out onto the grass and had a case of beer. I remember thinking could there be a better place to enjoy a few beers with mates then this location, the view is so cool.

I’m not exactly sure whose boats these were, they could be the surf life saving clubs or they could be locals who don’t want to tow them home every time after use. They are sufficiently locked up so they weren’t going anywhere without a decent pair of bolt cutters, haha. The sky was filled with those really high clouds, the ones that are way way up and therefore look like when you hold a sheet up to the sun and its all sparse with material. I love these clouds when Im shooting sunsets because they always give great colours to work with. Sometimes they stretch into really interesting shapes too and when you get them combined with some of the lower puffy ones its gold ! On this day they had kind of formed long tunnels and the wide angle lens really accentuated this.

This image is simply titled “Boats of Bondi” and you can see Bondi and Bondi Beach on the Horizon of this shot.

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Photomatix PRO – Is a MAC and PC HDR software for creating stunning HDR images. They have a free trial, but if you end up buying a copy of Photomatix you can get a 15% Discount with the coupon code LukeZemePhotography

– On1 Photo suite the complete collection of photo editing software from OnOne

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Thanks, Luke.

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