PHOTO OF THE DAY- “Brave” Wiley’s Baths. Coogee, Sydney

Are you Brave enough to jump in these waters at Wileys Baths in Coogee, Sydney Australia???

I’ve visited coogee beach a few times, that’s the yellow sandy beach on the horizon in the middle of this image, and seen these baths south along the coast line. What stands out is the multi-coloured wooden veneers up on the wooden decking. I’d always wandered what it was and wanted to visit it and today I finally got the chance. I love coming to locations like this to shoot sunsets because so much is happening. The sea was a relatively high tide so the swimmers were getting washed sideways as the waves crashed over the tidal pool walls. In the sky a storm had just passed through the frame from right to left and the air was fresh from the rain. It’s Autumn now and the temperatures are beginning to drop… so there aren’t as many brave souls out swimming. You can always just stay warm sipping on lemonade and take it the amazing views from the decks up top.


Software Used:

 OnOne Photosuite the complete collection of photo editing software from OnOne


Sony A7R


Nikkor 14-24mm

Focal Length


Shutter Speed

0.25 seconds


ISO 100

HDR info

N/A Single Exposure


30th March, 2015


6:39 pm


Coogee, Sydney Australia

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