PHOTO OF THE DAY- Brisbane City Skyline

A beautiful morning on the Brisbane river with the rising sun just behind the city giving the sky a nice warm glow. This image is another one in a series of mine where I am exploring the city at its most breathtaking moments using the technique of HDR photography, which has been made easier  in recent times with modern cameras. It is this use of modern cameras and the latest software that is allowing me to get such different looks to traditional type photographs that you would have seen in the past and been used to. My camera, Nikon D800, is top of the line and I just recently printed out a 1.5 meter print for a client of Surfers Paradise. It was a project him and I were working on where he gets a premium quality “one of a kind print”. This means that no one else will own a copy which is indeed alluring to man art collectors, and at the same time it increases the value of the artwork as well. Personally I was extremely happy with the print quality and going with premium rag paper as appossed to wood papers was an excellent choice. I also went with a special paper from ilford which is specifically designed for a large dynamic range which is perfect for my High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery.

If you are interested in getting a custom made premium print at 36 x 54″ I’d be more then happy to explore the notion with you. Currently all my work is available as museum quality (archival materials) up to print sizes of 30 x 40″ on photographic paper, canvas and metal here at my shop.

– Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers – Get access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Behance membership and 20GB of cloud storage for $9.99/month

Here is a list of software I recommend for HDR Photography

 A comprehensive list of HDR software, with discounts

Image Location:

View “Brisbane City” print by artist Luke Zeme in a larger map


Thanks, Luke

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