PHOTO OF THE DAY- Jewel In The Harbour

Many see the Sydney Harbour Bridge from afar, but this is what the view is like of Sydney when you’re walking across it… Well at dawn anyway. I had to get out of bed extremely early to go and shoot this panorama, but boy is it a stunning site. This is the time of the day (night?) when the city transitions into daylight and capture it with a camera can be a special feat. In the far east, above the Pacific ocean, the sun is rising but the city CBD is still in shadow and relies on artificial light sources. The opera house is sits up proud and tall and you can see from it’s location that its got prime waterfront real estate.

Coming to this spot early means I can shoot some long exposures without pushing the camera too hard and when I got back to my computer I can stitch those shots together. I was paying particular attention to the sky when I was exposing the images, because I didnt want to blow the light out there too much. But at the same time I needed to be able to get all that juicy detail in the shadows of the city buildings.

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