PHOTO OF THE DAY- Lightning Strikes Once, Brisbane

Image details: “Lightning Strikes Once” © Luke Zeme, Limited Edition 

Wow what a crazy storm came over Brisbane city, Australia. I got this cracka looking across the Victoria Bridge towards the CBD, casino and Queen Street Mall.

I had taken my camera gear to the Brisbane River to try and find a composition of the GOMA building at sunset.  I unfortunately failed to find the right composition and it was then that the storm began to flow over the city. I knew there was a storm coming so I had also taken my wet weather gear along with me into the city. For me that includes a jacket, umbrella, rags to wipe down and shield my camera and lens, and I also have a special water proof cover for my backpack. I saw the storm from far off coming in like the side of a donut  and where I was positioned near the casino (the green lit building in the centre of this shot) I was getting a lot of spit coming of the storm front straight at  my lens. So basically running across the bridge from the casino to this position I was able to get under cover and shoot the brunt of the storm. I will say this though, that this storm was special and like nothing I’ve seen before, absolutely massive. I’ve shot my fair share of lightning this past 12 months and seen some vicious storms but the way this one moved in was different, it was a different breed of storm.

With the storm came hundreds of bolts of lightning, some cloud to ground and others crawlers, the ones that reach across the sky. I’d always wanted to take a photo of the city from this vantage point but hadn’t made it a priority until now so I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone 🙂 There are always technical issues with equipment when you are shooting a storm and it can be a stressful time. You are constantly having to make decisions about your situation and what to do, but sometimes things just runs smoothly. Getting this bolt on my 2nd or so frame made me relax a lot more throughout the storm shoot because I knew it was going to be near impossible for me to be that. I did get various other shots as well and many photographers like stack their images so that you’ve got many bolts all in the one frame but this one is so great I just decided to leave her all on her lonesome. However, I did edit the foreground as a HDR because I shot some HDR brackets throughout and the foreground is made up of 7 frames to get the lighting and contrast on what was already a dark evening.

Below is a crop for the Original Full Size image showing how much detail is actually in the shot

Lightning strikes once, detail

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Thanks, Luke

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Bowie Sin

this is so awesome can i get it for free 😀

Luke Zeme

Huh, Thanks Bowie. hmmmm let me think about it 😉

Bowie Sin

i love your work mate still remember me asking for u help on hdr on my Nikon D5100 🙂 hmm check out my page 😀

Luke Zeme

🙂 Thanks Bowie !!! This shot turned out really iconic with the Brisbane city skyline it.

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