PHOTO OF THE DAY- Lord Morugan Temple, Batu Caves

Hindu worshippers at Lord Morugan Temple inside the Batu Caves in the mountains overlooking Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

I travelled to Malaysia with 2 Malaysian’s and this place was on our list of things we wanted to see. It’s called the Batu caves and is a very special place to the Hindu population in the area. To reach the cave you have to climb up 272 steps and pass by this giant gold statue of Lord Murugan, the statue is 140 feet high! Amusingly on our way to the caves our driver told us that there might be plans to build an esculator up the side for those who don’t want to walk up.

Here inside the cave you can see one of the temples and people gather to bring gifts and worship together. It was a magical experience to watch and take in the ceremony.

We entered the cave early! 8am I think to beat the crowds and when we came out there were all these mischievous macaque monkeys up and down the giant staircase used to enter the caves. They were running up and down the rails and generally getting into trouble. I have to admit the infant macaques are so cute!

Also when I got out of the cave I bought a cold fresh coconut which the guy chopped the top off for me with a machete type knife and popped in a straw for me. It was delicious! especially since the malaysia heat was starting to settle in 🙂


I shot this on my Sony A7r + Nikkor 14-24mm and this is a perfect example where HDR can benefit your image making. In a normal photograph the entire outside of the cave would be too bright and you wouldn’t be able to make out any of the details, if you had exposed for the inside. But with HDR processing I am able to expose for both the interior and exterior of the cave using Photomatix 5.


This is a 3 braket handheld HDR shot post-processed using HDR software:

Photomatix PRO 5– If you end up buying Photomatix 5, use the code LukeZemePhotography for a 15% DISCOUNT!!!

If you would like to leave a comment below and share your thoughts, that would be great!

Thanks, Luke


Sony A7r


Nikkor 14-24mm

Focal Length


Shutter Speed

1/250, 1/125 & 1/60 second exposures



HDR info

3 bracket HDR using Photomatix Pro 5


8:49 am


Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Polka Kilo
Polka Kilo

I love the pictures amazing 🙂

Luke Zeme

Hi Polka, thanks for the lovely comment. I just looked at your blog and wow you’ve been to some very beautiful places.

Thanks for stopping by, Luke.

CS Chua
CS Chua

This is commonly known as Batu Cave. Excellent photos. Reminds me of the work of a famous HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff.

Luke Zeme

Thanks CS Chua, a wonderful comment to be regarded in the realm of Trey 🙂

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