Yesterday I posted an image from my visit to my home town of Bowral, but I also stayed a little after sunset down by the creek. This was the result of what I witnessed 🙂 I know I broke one of the rules of photography which is to never have the horizon line in the middle of the composition, but I think when it comes to reflections its possible the rule breaks down. The symmetry in this image is what gives it most of its power, as well as the deep yellows and purples.

I kind of just want to step into this image and lie on the soft grass, listen to the water of the creek flow by and laze away whilst the sun goes down 🙂


I used one of my own Lightroom Presets to make this image from “Luke Zeme’s Lightroom & Adobe Camera RAW Preset Pack“, which actually comes with 50 presets and retails for $12.95. So far I’ve had some happy customers indeed 🙂 I love making realistic images, but at the same time I love these surreal and fantastical scenes, just depends what kind of mood I am in.

I also used On1 Perfect Effects to enhance the contrast a little- It’s a filter program to stylise your images. Comes as a standalone filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture.


Sony RX 100 II

Focal Length


HDR info

5 bracket HDR




Bowral, NSW, Australia

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