PHOTO OF THE DAY- Once A Year Sunset, Sydney


There is a location in Sydney which I have been waiting 365 days to shoot! haha and finally got the right conditions for the shot. This panoramic image was made from standing atop the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the pylon closes to visitors at 5pm everyday. So! to get a sunset from this location you need to be up here as close as possible to the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, the winter solstice. We have had very terrible conditions for shooting landscapes this passed few weeks with some of the wettest weather conditions on record, including 100mm of rain in one day! So after some very windy and wet weather when a day like this was brewing in the afternoon I was getting very excited, finally I was going to get the shot I’d wanted for so long!

It’s $13 to go up the pylon and you do so by walking along the harbour bridge to the southern pylon where you will find a small door. From there you wind your way up a staircase inside the pylon until you eventually pop up out on top of the pylon. There are full 360 degree views of Sydney looking in every direction, but this direction has to be my favourite, looking down on the CBD and the Sydney Opera House. I think the pylon lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is actually one of Sydney’s secrets that not many people know about.

So, as the earths position in relation to the sun changes and our days become longer the sun will be high on the horizon at 5pm.. It will still be an amazing view, but won’t have the magic of a sunset as its backdrop!

Creating this image was lengthy and slightly technical. So for those of you reading this who just want to take it and enjoy it, perhaps you can purchase a print! using the red button. But for others who want to learn HOW I made this I will be creating a post going into all the details of how it was done next.

Cheers, Luke

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