PHOTO OF THE DAY- Swimming Lanes, Bondi Icebergs Baths

Sometimes the lines… just line up!

Man what a perfect day to be at the beach and by the world famous Bondi Beach Iceberg swimming baths. What I loved about this particular snapshot of the day were the 2 swimmers in the bottom pool coming up into the frame. It gives the image a sense of energy and movement and this is compounded by the sets of waves moving in from the Pacific Ocean in to Bondi Beach. Today Sydney held its annual 14km City to Surf fun run and all the athletes ended at the finish line here in Bondi. There were 80,000 entrants this year and the beach was packed with bbq’s and marquee tents where participants could get a massage or a grab a beer after the big run. Many flocked to icebergs for a cool drink and dip in the pools! What better way to reward yourself for the torture of heartbreak hill. I’ve run the city to surf a few times and I can’t imagine a more scenic place to finish a fun run.

Editing this Photo:

I love bringing out the colours and depth in an image using a photo app called  On1 Photo 10 The photo suite combines everything you need to process an image and get it ready for printing, the web or whatever you can think of. In particular, when it comes to stylising the photo, On1 Photo Effects is where all the magic happens. You can download a trial of the software by clicking on the links above and if you have any questions you can use the contact page on this website. It has a lot of great features and can take your bland out of camera image and bring it more in line with the reality of the scene and how you remembered the day. If you can’t tell by now from looking at my work, I am a big fan of on1 Photo apps 


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