This list of iOS photo editing app’s is a selection of the 5 best apps that are my go-to apps on my Apple iPhone 6+. It focuses on apps you can create professional quality images and the key word in the title is Editing, also known to photographers as post-processing. This list doesnt focus on the camera capabilities or social aspects of the apps. I simply wanted to share what I’ve found to have the most professional features for processing images at an affordable price. I also wanted to mention that I am in no way affiliated with or paid by any of these companies and that I chose these all based on personal experience.

The gap between the quality of images created from DSLR/mirrorless cameras and our smartphones/tablets is becomer smaller every day. The computing power of these little portable devices means they’ve become capable of running some pretty amazing photo editing software. We can transfer images to phone/tablet from our mirrorless or DSLR cameras via wifi and they are there in our camera roll ready to edit wherever and whenever we like.

My local train station has several giant 25 foot billboards from apple advertising “Shot with an iphone6”. The images vary from scenes in the snow to tropical paradises and it’s inspiring because we nearly always have these devices on us if not close by. As artists we would be unwise not to start using our times to be editing images on the go. Waiting for a bus? Jump into Enlight! On the train? Spend some time in Camera+!


So what are the best and most professional apps to edit your photo’s on your iOS devices to make them look amazing?

#1- Snapseed – Free

Snapseed is my #1 photo editing app because of the high quality in which it treats your images during the processing and weighing up this with the fact that it’s free. Snapseed is best known for its filter “grunge”, but it has so many other powerful little features packed into it which are simple to use. Earlier this year Google released Snapseed 2.0 and whils it took a while to adjust to the new user interface it’s still easily one of the most powerful apps to edit your images on your iOS devices with.

Snapseed for iOS link



#2- Camera+ – iPhone $2.99 & iPad $4.99

This app is my #1 camera shooting app because of its ability to adjust things like ISO, shutter, white balance etc. features not available in the ios camera but after the shot is taken there is a huge set of options to create stunning effects to your photos. You can pick from many presets known as scenes and then tweak anything from the tint to the grain in “the lab”. If I want to do something creative this is usually the app I come to because just going through the different scene options usually gives me a great starting foundation.

Camera+ Website



#3- Adobe Lightroom Mobile- iPhone & iPad $9.99/montly subscr. for Adobe Photography Plan

At $10/month for photo software this is not going to be everyones cup of tea, but for your $10 you get full access to all the current versions of Photoshop and Lightroom on your Desktops, as well as Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and iPad.

The reason this is in at #3 for me is the fact that I can use my own Adobe lightroom presets in the mobile version. Check out this post to see how to install my 50 lightroom presets on your iPhone here including HDR and landscape ones (how to install lightroom mobile presets). I am also able to install presets I’ve got from other photographers as well and have 100’s of presets at my finger tips. Plus I know the quality of the results will be fantastic and that I can take the results back into Lightroom desktop using an easy sync method that can even be done over wifi. It is probably going to be to pricey for people who dont use the desktop versions but it is worth sharing for those that can and do.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile



#4- Enlight- $7.49 iPhone (iPad version coming soon)

I love this app because I never seem to stop discovering new features inside it. A cool addition to new users is that it has help videos within the app to show you how to use its features. It has a powerful radial mask which you can paint on with your finger. Enlight also comes with a very powerful curves adjustment (woohoo) to go with all its features, often not found on apps of this style (photo apps like darkroom make you pay extra for curves adj). Some other features which can benefit someone wanting to produce high quality edits from their smartphones are tiltshift and a warp feature they call “reshape”. If after going through all these features you want some fun spend some time playing with a feature called “Mixer” which lets you do as the name says mix photos into fun and quirky results.

Enlight for iOS link



#5- VSCO Cam- Free iPhone on iPad (purchase filter packs)

VSCO cam is one of the simplest iOS photo editing apps but produces some stunning results. The app is free and comes with about 10 filters and then users can purchase a variety of packs varying in style. There are a few free packs for you in the shop too! When you start using this app you can tell that it’s no run of the mill photo app and what you are getting is a quality product. You can also see that a lot of thought and precision went into developing each individual filter. Again this is one of those apps that you can’t believe is an app for smartphones and tablets because of the quality results that come out of it!

VSCO cam for iOS link



So I hope you guys and girls found this list helpful because I’ve spent a lot of time using photo editing apps and I know you won’t regret trying any of these out.

Let me know what your thoughts on them are,


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Thanks for the awesome list…
I’ve tried KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro and like it a lot, It’s fast feature rich yet light and fast.

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