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In our lives there are plenty of amazing things to aid us in our creativity as artists. People invent apps and technologies for things we didn’t even know we needed and then once we have them we wonder ‘how we could possibly live without them’. For example there is an app to tell you when its a good time to go to the toilet during long movies at the cinema so that you won’t miss anything too important in the plot… the things people think of ! haha anyways…

I’m compiling a list as I go for all the great products and software I use, and when I can pass on discounts to you my readers. So this list is in a clickable link format which will either head directly to the product or a review I’ve written myself showing how I use it and offering discount coupon code. Lot’s of companies have been very generous in helping out so a big thanks to those that obliged.

so without further ado here is a list of things I can’t live without as a photographer…



Photomatix – 15% off use discount code LukeZemePhotography

Topaz – 15% off use discount code LukeZemePhotography

Stuckincustoms 10% off use discount code LukeZemePhotography

Macphun – 15% off use the discount code LukeZeme



HDR Software MAC & PC Windows

  • Aurora HDR 2019- This HDR software is currently for Apple users only and stormed on to the scene last year and has had 100’s of thousands of downloads. This is because it is simply amazing! it was co-created by HDR guru Trey Ratcliff along with the software company Macphun. It has what you want and what you need as a HDR photo editor all in the one spot! It gives an end to end experience where no other software is required to make incredible HDR images! You can get a 15% discount with the coupon on checkout “LukeZeme


PHOTOSHOP BUNDLE SOFTWARE PACKAGES- Everything but the Kitchen sink 🙂

  • Topaz has an amazing bundle of editing software TOPAZ PHOTOSHOP BUNDLE link & here is my ADJUST & DETAIL review With 15% off all TOPAZ products  with my discount code LukeZemePhotography 
  •  On1’s Photo RAW – is the software Bundle that I use : On1 Photo RAW  It has Photoshop Plug-ins and everything you need to edit photos, you will be amazed at how much you can do with this suite.
*note- no matter which Bundle you go with you can’t go wrong really as they both have similar features, it becomes a personal preference. Both are highly acclaimed companies 🙂


  •  OnOne has an amazing Filter program called Perfect EffectsWhen you see how many features are in this program you will be amazed 🙂 It has absolutely every kind of filter you can imagine and ones you can’t. I use this one all the time !
  • Topaz Adjust 5 is one of my favourite Filter programs to use for HDR images, with discount code LukeZemePhotography you can just get some amazing results.



  • Lightroom presets (less than US$20!!!) TREY RATCLIFF’S LIGHTROOM PRESETS BUNDLE -Make your photos have that WOW factor, Use code LukeZemePhotography for 10% discount on all stuckincustoms products !!! (*note must already have adobe lightroom) –Click here to view more details




  •  MY DSLR CHEAT SHEET– This is a pretty popular little sheet I mocked up for you to use in situation when you aren’t quite sure what setting to use on your camera.
  •  STUCKONEARTH, IPAD APP. Use it to find great locations by viewing images that are geotagged by other photographers.
  • WEATHERZONE PLUS, IPHONE APP. Powerful little weather app which even allows you to track lightning in real time.
  • GOOGLE MAPS FIRST PERSON VIEW. First person view is amazing on this. I can drive down a street without leaving my PC ! under rated as resource. To use it drag the little yellow man half way on the left hand side onto a street on the map. Click on the white arrows on the actual image to drive around. waaaa lahhh !


  • ZENFOLIO where you can host, print and sell images. You can get 10% a zenfolio subscription by using the code 1D6-NHP-MZR during checkout. If you want to see what a Zenfolio online print shop can do, check out mine here > Luke Zeme Zenfolio 
  •  FLICKR, photo sharing site.
  •  500px, photo sharing site- Whats attractive about 500px is the quality of imagery on it. Only the best photographers exhibit their portfolios there. Flickr is more social, 500px is flickr on steroids.
  •  FACEBOOK PAGES, a social place to interact and share your photos with your audience


Please see my helpful guide to the latest camera here 



  •  TREY RATCLIFF’s HDR VIDEO TUTORIAL -If you are willing to spend $100 for a comprehensive HDR video tutorial then this is the one for you. This is the complete video tutorial link- Click here to visit Stuck In Customs. Use code LukeZemePhotography for 10% discount on all stuckincustoms products !!! I personally have done this tutorial and it amongst others is invaluable and for over 11hours of teaching it is a bargain at around $90. If you are looking to learn and improve your HDR this is a must have. Trey is the guru of HDR and he offers up all his HDR secrets in these videos, plus he’s an artist at heart so his outlook is a really positive one.
  • Discover the Art of Photography course- complete package $69 ! Click here to view more details OR purchase the individual episodes for $29 each – Episode 1- Getting started, Episode 2- Photo Composition, Episode 3- Finding your own Style & Episode 4- Photo Editing.
  • Textures Tutorial- Basic Package $149 ! Click here to view more details. Premium package $249 and the Ultimate package is $299.


  • STUCKINCUSTOMS– Trey Ratcliff’s site has some great HDR books and tutorials for sale and this is the link to all those great products. Use code LukeZemePhotography for 10% discount on all stuckincustoms products !!! 

Click here to visit Stuck In Customs. I can highly recommend the HDR video tutorial, the textures tutorial and many of the books in the flatbooks shop, but they all will improve your photography skills out of sight !!!

Thanks ! Check this page regularly as I will continue to add reviews and links to products I know are great for DSLR and HDR photography.


Here is some of my work from using the software and techniques above. Click on an image to see the full resolution image or purchase prints. When at the link click the buy button > This photo. To view the larger size images hover the mouse over the image and select viewing size, suggest X3-Large !







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[…] LINKS to HDR Filter Reviews and DISCOUNT COUPONS for HDR images- This is EVERYTHING you need to create GREAT photos all in one list. I am slowly adding to it as I find great products and then offering my opinions on them and how I use them. All of the products on the list I highly recommend and use on a daily basis to create my imagery, definitely check it out. […]

Tom Pattery
Tom Pattery

Why do you use a 35mm sensor sized Camera the D800 for landscapes when the professionals recommend shooting landscapes with a medium format camera. Wouldn’t this be a better for landscapes?

Luke Zeme

I love doing HDR photography and think it’s an exciting field to be in. It’s an art practice that allows me to create in a way I like to create ‘art’. On a Nikon D800 I’m able to shoot 5, 7 or 9 brackets of images which I then use to create my HDR images. So using the D800 is an important part of my art practice as a whole.

andrew black
andrew black

You list a number of software packages above which ones are better than others? ◦Filters: TOPAZ PHOTOSHOP BUNDLE, ADJUST & DETAIL review With 15% off all TOPAZ products !!! ◦ Filters and photo editing software: NIK VIVEZA, SILVER EFX, COLOR EFEX PRO – Photoshop plug-ins ◦ Filters and photo editing software: ONONE PHOTOSUITE 7 & PHOTOTOOLS -Photoshop Plug-ins and everything you need to edit photos, you will be amazed at how much you can do with this suite check out this video onOne released of photo suite 7 here – use code LukeZemePhotography for 15% off all onOne products, review… Read more »

Luke Zeme

Photoshop is probably the most powerful piece of software a photographer can have and then secondly Lightroom. The other program’s I listed are all amazing as well and I use them on a daily basis, as ad-hoc to photoshop/lightroom.

That said onOne’s photosuite 7 is put in a few weeks and is an incredibly powerful package which has everything in one place. I’ve been using photosuite 6 for the past 6 months now. Have a look at what it can do at this link where I’ve embedded onOne’s release presentation


[…] The link to the Software list is here and they are all under the heading- Software you need […]

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