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OnOne Software have a whole bunch of learning Tutorials at their site under the tab> Learn> Perfect Inspiration. 

Here is a direct link to OnOne’s Tutorials titled “Perfect Inspiration”, named after OnOne’s Filter Program Perfect Effects 4.

I had watched an episode or 2 of Brian Matiash’s Perfect Inspiration and realised that I had struck gold with these tutorials. The PRO’s in them give really amazing tips and things that go beyond the simple use of sliders. I came across Episode 44- Shoot what you Love, Matt Kloskowski. I’ve seen a bit of Matt over on Scott Kelby’s site in online photography show’s like “the grid” & “D Town” with RC also hosting. Im pretty Big fan of RC concepcion’s work as I love all the moody scenes he photographs, like run down bar’s or deserted towns. When I first got my Nikon D800, around 12 months ago now, I was watching a lot of the stuff on Kelbymedia and was like a sponge soaking in as much info as I could.

Looking at matt’s edit I could think of a few images in my pool that I still hadn’t edited yet and thought they would make good example’s to use in this tutorial. So I use Matt’s method to edit my own image. The edit is done using a single RAW image, starting in Lightroom 4 and then heading to Photoshop where I use OnOne Perfect Effect’s 4. Matt then shows a few other tricks back in Photoshop after the Filters.

So watch my quick 4 minute video explaining how I went about the process and where all the info is, then I’ve embedded the Perfect Inspirations Episode 44- Shoot what you Love, Matt Kloskowski directly here on this blog page so you can just watch it after mine.  

Firstly below is my finished image titled “The Watery Light Path“. I went camping to take this image at a location south of the Gold Coast, Australia. I explored the rocky coastline and found a nice place to camp and watch the sunrise whilst surfers caught waves just over the rocks on the left.


“The Watery Light Path” © Luke Zeme 2013. Please click on the image for Prints

and here is the 15 minute Episode from OnOne- Episode 44- Shoot what you Love, Matt Kloskowski

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