Macphun Aurora HDR Review

A new HDR app (MAC users only) called Aurora HDR has dropped and after running many brackets through it, I can safely say it’s my new favourite HDR software. The developer, Macphun, have worked with the world famous photographer Trey Ratcliff to produce the most advanced HDR software on the market. It helped that Macphun already had a complete suite of software that they could pick elements from to put in this software to beef it up. For example Macphun has an app called Noiseless, which is amazing, to remove noise from your photos and you can tell they drew on this app a lot when adding a feature to remove noise in Aurora HDR.

There are many things I liked about the app, from the bulk of amazing presets they supply you to the small things like the ability to adjust your highlights and shadows found in photo software like Adobe Lightroom and On1 Enhance. What I like about Aurora HDR the most is that they’ve tried to create an end to end and in doing so they’ve packed it with many many features. This in turn has resulted in a HDR app unlike any other and it’s made HDR pro photo editing fun again!

Aurora Buy now

I made a video showing some of these features and what they can do, remember though that I’m only touching the surface on what you can do Aurora HDR.

Macphun Aurora HDR Best & Advanced Features 

These features in the video aren’t in any other HDR app, cool right?! There are many other features that I didn’t go through but these were my favourite advancements in HDR editing in Aurora.

  • Layers !!! with blend modes and ability to choose source image
  • Control Preset Opacity
  • Layer Presets
  • Luminosity masks
  • Top & Bottom Lighting


What would this post be without some eye candy?! These HDR images were all made using the brand new Aurora HDR PRO version of the app.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sunset, Web Prepared


Looking Down Paradise, Web Prepared


An Opera House reflection, Web Prepared


Canals by moonlight


Inside QVB, Web Prepared


Passage of Time, Web Prepared


Dubai Lights, Web Prepared


Solitary, Web Prepared


The Philosophers Path, Web Prepared


The Rijksmuseum, Web Prepared

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