Noiseware Overview

Noiseware Professional is my “GO TO” Noise reduction and elimination software for my digital Photography.

You can Use the discount code “LukeZemePhotography” for a 10% discount

Here are the direct links to Noiseware for Windows and Mac and I’ve found you the most cost effective options for those of you only wanting noise reduction software and are on a tight budget. They have a standalone or a plug-in version, which is the one I use.

Imagenomic also offer a Suite Package which bundles all their software.

Also if you aren’t sure straight away if you want to commit, download any of their trial programs and you can try it all for free. Then when you eventually do purchase it, which you will haha, you can still just use my coupon code.

The reason I love Imagenomic’s Noiesware software so much is because of how easy it is to use and how fantastic the built in settings are, which offer recommendations for a variety of scenario’s such as Night Scene, Landscape or Portraiture. I’ve tried a lot of different digital noise reduction and elimination programs and they either make them to finicky or there just isn’t enough customisation. Noiseware get’s it just right and it fits in like a dream into my HDR processing workflow using the Nikon D800.

The software itself, when installed, will show up in your filters list in Adobe Photoshop CS.  The great thing about the program is that it is applied to just the layer you have selected at the time of opening it. So you are able to mask in sections that you want and disregard the rest allowing to keep the texture and tone you want and reduce noise selective.

The best way to show you how great this software is really, would be to show you ! Here’s a screenshot of Noiseware Professional in action on a HDR image from the Don Bradman Cricket Pavillion in Bowral. You can see in the upper left I used the Landscape preset and in the centre I have it set up to show a before (left) and after (right) image, which is the way I work. You can use the navigator on the right to look at any area of your image and all the sliders and settings on the left hand side are adjustable ! I’ve used it on some seriously noisy images from low light level situations and the software does outstandingly and I’m not just saying that. Im under no contract or obligations to Imagenomic. Im simply a photographer who wants to share what I know is good and what works wonders in my photography workflow.
Noiseware Professional Screenshot
Due to the process of tonemapping and Filters you can sometimes get noise in HDR images and this can often be seen in flat areas like the sky. I often like to apply noise cancellation to these areas and mask them in whilst keeping other areas which I don’t want it removed from. Here’s an example of a sunrise over Sydney Harbour Bridge where I simply am masking in a sky minus noise ! It’s a great tool to have at your finger tips and saves time messing around in photoshop !
Mask of sky Harbour Bridge
This is just one step in my HDR processing and it really is one of the most important. It allows you to give your images a more professional look and saves me time in the long run. I HIGHLY recommend it as a noise reduction software program

Thanks Luke

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