Macphun has finally unveiled its new flagship HDR software Aurora HDR 2019which was co-designed with HDR phototgrapher Trey Ratcliff.

You can check out the software here at Skylum’s site

Want a 15% discount on Aurora HDR? (silly question I know) use the code LukeZemePhotography during checkout.

I’ve got the PRO version ($99) and have found it to be the most advanced HDR program on the market. It has the ability to use multiple layers within the app and is much more powerful than meets the eye as you can layer various tonemapped presets, use single source files in a single layer as well as luminosity masks…. It also has a powerful brush feature and a huge amount of presets- as we’ve come to expect from Macphun. As a bonus there a bunch of presets from Trey Ratcliff.

As I play around with the software more I’ve found the need for other filter software isn’t as necessary- Aurora has many of the features that Adobe Lightroom has already built in – like highlights, shadows, curves, Saturation and Luminance.. plus it comes with some awesome new features like the top/bottom which allows you to brighten or darken the top and bottom separately. This is awesome for landscapes where you can darken your skies whilst brightening your foreground for example. Another new feature is image Radiance and HDR Look. It even comes with Structure and glow settings. I think Macphun has really hit the nail on the head offering photographers the ability to complete a full workflow in the one app!

Over the next few weeks I will delve in deeper and come up with a review but at this stage I can highly recommend *Aurora* to anyone who is new or even PRO’s to HDR photography. You can use your bracketed photos but it also allows for HDR images to be created from single exposures. So you can even use this on your iphone shots 😉

Check out Aurora HDR PRO
I got the pro version for $99 and there is also a complete version packed with goodies and bonus’s for $129. Trust me its worth it for $100 as it will push the boundaries for years for come, and Macphun are known for responding and giving customers their time.


“Looking Down Paradise” – Image created in Aurora HDR PRO

I shot this 5 bracket exposure from the tallest building in Surfers Paradise through glass! using a tripod on a Nikon D800 paired with a Nikkor 14-24mm. Using Aurora I was able to get a lot of brilliant lights from the cityscape and combine with some wonderful colours in the streets, water and clouds. Very happy with the results and look forward to sharing some more HDR with Aurora soon.

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