Making art is what I do and I enjoy getting up early and finding a magical place to watch the sunrise. I love exploring with my camera then getting creative with my post-processing on my computer. Photography is a passion of mine and here on this site you will find blog posts of my latest HDR photographs accompanied by a little background story. Sometimes I share editing info as well, like what software or technique I used. You can also find my own video and written photography tutorials for you to learn how I make my work. Drop me a line sometime if you have any questions, cheers Luke.

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My Artistic Background~

Firstly a little bit about my background: I have been studying or practising some form of art for the past 15 years including (but not exhausting) the practices of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, sound art and print making. My main focus for many years has been colour as a subject and their relationships with each other and I have explored this theme in many ways. I drew inspiration from images by Barnett Newman, Damien Hirst, the Colour Field Theorists and more recently 17th century Dutch painting. Another passion of mine is the Australian Landscape and this also entwines its way into my work. I’m interested in many things outside of the arts including the sciences, nature, bushwalking, the ocean, sport and science-fiction.

Art for me is an exploration into colour. I’ve always been interested in the relationships colours have with each other and how this in turn can affect the viewer. I like to break down the methods of Art Practice’s and analyse individual components and their inherent value in the outcome. This allows me to offer up everyday scene’s but in an altered reality, making something so common place seem new and fresh.

I feel like I am in a unique situation right now with the rise of HDR photography and my past studies and interests. Such an artist needs to draw upon reservoirs of just the right amount of creativity coupled with scientific and mathematical structure.  I’ve got a reasonable understanding of mathematics, studied Visual art’s at university and college and even studied the conservation and restoration of artwork’s as a Master’s Down in Melbourne, Australia. I feel my love of painting and the amount of time I’ve spent engaging in the medium has become a major influence on my photographic practices and techniques.


Photographers who currently inspire and help my growth as an artist are Trey Ratcliff, Rafael Concepcion (RC) and Elia Locardi. These artists are creating stunning imagery and are helping to further fuel my passions in the arts.


I encourage you to regularly check my blog here, on this site, and learn as much as you can from the Tutorials section which I will continue to upload relevant lessons to on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay and return soon.


I’m your typical guy next door who’s into everything!

My Journey~

When I left high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, so I began with something light by studying physics, astrophysics, mathematics and chemistry at University *sarcasm*. Even though these topics still fascinate me to this day at the time I couldn’t see myself being a ‘scientist’. So I wandered over to the Visual Arts department of the University and showed them a few of my paintings and drawings. We decided then and there that I was probably walking the wrong path and I switched my degree from science to art, a decision I’ll never regret. Ever since then art has played a leading role in my life in some form or manner.

Art school is just like you see in the movies, ones where they show students taking long coffee breaks under the shade of a tree discussing art movements and turning up to class with no shoes on and in a torn pair of jeans. I was lucky enough to be a part of an excellent art department and my teachers were inspiring people, especially my Dutch painting teacher whose quirkiness and passion for the arts still, to this day, brings a smile to my face. I have fond memories of him doing things like holding up a fresh lemon in painting class and excitedly announcing “look at it! Isn’t it amazing?!”. He had this unique way of showing you how to look at things in a new light going beyond just “seeing”. I think I’ve always seen things a little differently and anyone who knows me would gladly testify to this.

About my Artwork~

Currently my main artistic focus is HDR photography and these explorations have taken priority over my painting and drawing studies. Practicing the technique has allowed me to explore historical and modern Japan, the wilderness areas of Tasmania as well as many of the major cities and surrounding urban sprawl’s throughout Australia. HDR photography produces vivid imagery allowing you to work with more colour in the shadows and highlights than in a stock standard photograph. I spent a lot of my time at art school studying colour theory and making works of art based on colour theory and was inspired by many colour field theorists. The physical construction of a HDR image see’s me entering a scene and picking out elements that I want to enhance to represent that particular space. It might be specific colours or the way the light plays off an object in a specific viewing angle that I find I want to highlight to the audience. Whatever it is, taking the images is only the start as editing the images back in the studio plays a major role in achieving my vision. I also consciously try to produce a broad range of styles so that my work will cater to many different tastes and age groups. This is so that everyone can have the opportunity to appreciate HDR photography just as I have.

I also set aside time every week to continue my education into new techniques as well as keeping up to date with the latest editing software releases. There are many programs I use to edit my photographs and if you head to my website I am constantly adding tutorials for everyone so that they too can learn HDR photography. I see the practice as something that should be shared not guarded and kept secret.

About my Photography shop~

In my print shop, you will be able to find a variety of galleries offering:

  • Professionally printed photographs and prints on canvas
  • Fine art print formats that come with a matte border, the image title and my name
  • A Gallery where the images have the addition of my logo. These might suit a commercial setting such as a hotel or for personal exhibition as well. If you have found an image of mine and want it added to this gallery, please contact me.
  • and we also have Signed Limited Edition Print’s which will grow in value over time.

To find out print prices simply click the buy button above an image and prices will become available. Signed Limited edition prints are only available in one standardized measurement. Limited Edition Prints are sent to my studio from the printers to be signed and then forwarded on to your allocated address. Each print also has its own individual number from the series and once a series is sold out the edition is closed forever.


Licensing & business request’s~

I receive requests for the use of my images in a variety of formats so for now I ask that for Licensing for campaigns, magazines, Newspaper etc. please visit my Flickr account and find the image you wish to use and request the use through Getty images, found down the bottom right. For other uses or in circumstances where it isn’t on Flickr please use my contact sheet on this site and we can discuss the matter further.

My photography tutorials & software reviews~

I often review and give demonstrations of the software and techniques I use to produce my photographs. This is because I like to share anything great that I have found with everyone else, it’s just the kind of guy I am! Also I have contacted the developers and where available have been able to get discounts for everyone, so look out for my discount codes as the savings can all add up. If you are interested in learning more about photography you can head to my website and learn at your own leisure (see Tutorial TAB above in toolbar)

So I hope that you enjoy your stay here and if you have a comment on an image you can leave it here, in the photography shop or you can also contact me through the contact sheet.

Kindest regards,
Luke Zeme


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