Creating Realistic HDR Scenes using HDR Efex Pro 2 with Sean Arbabi

NIK software is the best FREE Photography software package/bundle you can get. The NIK Complete Collection became free in 2016 when google bought the company NIK and then decided to bring the software’s price down from $150 to $0! Yes that’s not a typo, $0. I purchased the software back in 2014 I believe, and still use it to this day… which just shows how amazing it is.

I found this HDR tutorial on HDR EFEX PRO 2 very informative and wanted to share it with my readers on It teaches you to how to use all the modules in your NIK collection to create a realistic HDR photo. I often use parts of this workflow in my own images already as I really like the sharpening and noise reduction software from the NIK Collection. Whilst the HDR EFEX PRO 2 is fairly rudimentary, compared to programs like the feature packed Skylum’s Aurora HDR 2019 you can still get some really great HDR results. 

I suggest giving the Nik Collection a try, as it’s FREE after all 😉

And if you find that you really love HDR Photography, then give Skylum’s AURORA HDR 2019 a try too! Macphun has a trial for 30 days but the price is very affordable and they also offer installment payments. They asked me to pass on a 15% Discount to my readers, just use the coupon code LukeZeme on checkout.

Creating Realistic HDR Scenes using HDR Efex Pro 2 with Sean Arbabi

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