Complete HDR Tutorial

Hey everyone, I thought it was time to update my HDR video tutorial as my previous one was nearly a year old now and I’ve learnt so much more since then to share with you all. I’ve put together a complete HDR tutorial video where you can follow me on my own screen and learn how I make a HDR image so you too can make one.

I’ve tried to fit in as much as I could into this 30 minute tutorial and please remember that I offer up all this advice freely so if you would like to support me you can purchase some of my work here. Luke Zeme’s Print Shop. You can also share this tutorial with your friends on facebook, google+ or twitter 🙂 

This video tutorial is my Complete HDR Photography workflow and I was able to get discounts on many of the software programs used in this tutorial.


Software Discounts Available:

Photomatix PRO – Is a MAC and PC HDR software for creating stunning HDR images. They have a free trial, but if you end up buying a copy of Photomatix you can get a 15% Discount with the coupon code LukeZemePhotography

 Topaz  (Clarity) Is used to add contrast to the image, 15% off all Topaz software use discount code LukeZemePhotography

– Imagenomic’s Noiseware 5– discount code “LukeZemePhotography” for a 10% discount

– I also used On1 Perfect Effects   an amazing Filter program to stylise the image. It’s a standalone Filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture.

The Before:

Sydney from coney island, before

The After:


Lastly if you have any questions about the techniques or software I used in this HDR video tutorial, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.


Thanks, Luke

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Mo Ashkanani
Mo Ashkanani


First of all I would like to offer you my deepest gratitude for showing us how to set Nikon D800 for HDR.

I have some questions:

1. How do I disengage HDR so I can take one photo at a time. I think you need to mention that on your instruction otherwise the camera will be set up on taking HDR all the times.
2. How can completely clean the HDR program from the camera and start fresh all over again. I think I did some mistakes in the setup.

3. Would this work with Non-CPU lenses too.

All the best.


Luke Zeme

Hi Mo,

thanks glad people are still finding it useful ! I assume you meant to write this comment over on the tutorial here

I’ll leave the answers here for you though 🙂

1. To disengage HDR simply change the number of shots back to 1 and also turn the mode dial to another shooting mode like CH or CL. This will make it one shot again

2. If you do the above two steps your camera will be back to how it was.

3. YES it works with Non-CPU lenses, I’ve tried it on my 50mm1.8D


William Julian
William Julian

Luke, first, GREAT tutorial. I’m a beginner and this was very informative. I was wondering, around 11min or so in the video when you’re masking the HDR image and the EV images, you talk about making in each layer. I understand the one you showed but when you mask in each of the other layers, how is that done? You fast forwarded that part. 🙂 I’m new to PS also, just signed up for the PS CC and learning that also.

Luke Zeme

Hey William, yeah sorry about that 🙂 It’s hard to know what to keep in and out of it without making the video too long! The way it is done works by thinking of the layers as a stack of books. I am always working with the top layer and masking in elements from the 2nd layer. Once I am finished with the 2 layers I click on the top layer hold down SHIFT and click on the 2nd layer. Then to collapse the two layers I hit CMD + E (CTRL + E on PC). Then I will have… Read more »

William Julian
William Julian

ok, that clears up a lot. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the nice blog it helps us new learners a lot. Thanks again for the reply and clearing things up.


[…] Copyright © Luke Zeme 2013 Developed by Kenny Too Next Previous left right […]


[…] Copyright © Luke Zeme 2013 Developed by Kenny Too Next Previous left right […]


you have a gift .. very excellent explanation


Thanks, good work.

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