Remove Chromatic Aberrations

Removal of Chromatic Aberrations with Camera RAW, HDR Workflow *Rating- Intermediate

Firstly I use Adobe’s creative cloud which allows me access to Adobe’s Full Range of products for a monthly fee

This one might surprise a few of you because the timing of when I use Camera RAW will be a little different to most people. Camera RAW, by default, is set to open your RAW files when you are opening them to Adobe Photoshop from Bridge and so this is when most people will use Camera RAW.

I like Camera RAW for many reasons but mainly because it is like a pint sized version of Lightroom available to me when I am editing an image in Photoshop. As you probably know Lightroom 4 is an extremely powerful editing software and Camera RAW has all the same functions PLUS more. So by using Mini-Bridge inside Photoshop I am able to jump between editing my image in Photoshop and Camera RAW as often and when ever I like.

The benefits of this are obviously having greater control over almost any aspect of the image you can think of all within a compact and ready to go unit at the press of a button.

Which brings me to initially why I had to find a way to be able to use it in my HDR workflow and that is due to chromatic aberrations being a by product of tone-mapping in HDR. 

I use 2 main software programs to tonemap my HDR brackets and those are Photomatix PRO and NIK HDR EFEX PRO 2.

Photomatix PRO – Is a MAC and PC HDR software for creating stunning HDR images. They have a free trial, but if you end up buying a copy of Photomatix you can get a 15% Discount with the coupon code LukeZemePhotography

They both have their positives and negatives as HDR programs and for the most part I use Photomatix for its user controlled elements in ghost reduction, which is far superior to NIK’s software controlled ghost reduction. Whilst NIK has ghost reduction functions you will find that it can leave behind traces of other frames in the bracket and this can be very frustrating.

Photomatix and NIK HDR software chromatic aberrations removal tools during the tonemapping process. NIK’s has just a little more manual control and can be used during the the actual tonemapping where as Photomatix is used in the initial process so you have to select before the tonemapping process. You will find though that in changing the chromatic aberration sliders in NIK HDR EFEX PRO 2 that you will also be making slight changes to the overall colour of the image, which is something I dont like about the feature.

Using Camera RAW in Photoshop launched from mini-bridge will allow you to manually remove chromatic aberrations from anywhere you want in the image using Photoshop Layers. This is very important because you don’t want your skies turning out a warm grey when its a cool winters afternoon, for example.

So this tutorial will show you how to open your file in Camera RAW and use Layers .

*Note I have found that saving images in PSD with Layers can not be opened in Camera RAW so I suggest saving as a TIFF file.

So I will just let my video tutorial do the talking and show you Tip of the Week #1 “Removal of Chromatic Aberrations with Camera RAW, HDR Workflow

At the end of the tutorial I mentioned that I use some other software in the creation of my HDR imagery and they were

  • On1 Photo– This is the Bundle I use as I really like the OnOne workflow, it’s very powerful
  • Perfect Effects– From OnOne and has a huge variety of Filters, over 450 !
  • Topaz Adjust 5– From Topaz offers a various of Filters, good for the extra choices. For 15% discount code use code LukeZemePhotography 
  • Noiseware 5– From Imagenomic, noise reduction software. Use code LukeZemePhotography for 10% off

Hope Tip #1 was helpful and see you next week.

-Luke Zeme

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